Lighting up the home and hearth!.. Happy Diwali to all!

I was serenaded by the most wonderful piece of news just yesterday. In fact in all fairness, there was something in the air for the last few weeks. I heard about the impending arrival of my niece. She is on her way folks, and I bet she is going to be an awesome, sassy, bright and beautiful spunky creature just like her mom! Oh ,  I simply cannot just wait to see her. Albeit it is going to be a long wait of many months.

And then, life reminds you it is beautiful again. Another amazing life creation is going to be on his/her way soon as well. This one got us all seated down, as we realize life has a very pleasant way of reminding us who the actual master of the universe is. Plan as much you will I say, these curveballs in life are what makes it beautiful I say. It was an emotional piece of news delivered to us and we could simply stare at our most favorite people on earth as they shared the very best of it!

And a local cricket match sprung up a well of emotions in my family , equivalent to MI vs CSK match. And its was a nice clincher that my DH’s team won the trophy. ( Yes , I did go to cheer him up at the field, with two of my three minions in tow. And we did a sufficiently commendable job minus the backflips of course. All the while explaining to my daughter that in all high probability her dad’s blood will be singing in cricket terms if a vein is cut open. No she did not get the humor in it, but my son kept guffawing through out. I have a 13 year old cynic and 10 year old butterfly 🙂 )

As I sit down to write this, I am transported back to the memories of yester yore ( cue : cut to the b/w scene from movies in flash back mode ). I vividly remember my mom making at least a dozen , that’s right folks a dozen , of those wonderful varieties of sweets and snacks for Diwali. A wonderful multitalented woman, who patiently tolerated my 16 year teenage phase, who woke up at 3 am just to keep me company during my Master’s degree, who made fantastic chole puris to perk me up, who did not deter from cooking a meal for 30 people with limited rations, who keep the door to her home and hearth open to all the family and near and dear at all times. She is still the favorite  “Mala paati (grandmother)” to all my kids , the one my oldest , a teen wheedles out his favorite kaaju katlis from. An amazing task master who can do just about anything, that too with a smile !

Today being the 26th of October and Diwali, a week away, I was dabbling on deciding the menu for Diwali and I came up with this…

(Dear Amma, this menu is but a scant reflection of what you pampered us with, but nonetheless it is a dedication to you…)

Coming up soon:

Diwali food for the soul ( and the stomach too…)…

  1. Fig and Dates bar – studded with nuts and goodies and no sugar added – for my DH
  2. Crunchy spiral ribbons – Awesome, addictive spirals of crunchiness – for my kids
  3. Mom’s favorite quick burfi – nuts and sugar burfi – simply irresistible!
  4. Semolina and coconut with dried cranberries and pistachio mounds of goodness
  5. Surprise !

So keep tuned folks, as I dole it out all soon…

Happy Diwali once again !

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