Kesar Thandai Kulfi – Creamsicles (Whipped Frozen Glory)

Mild migraines and IPL not withstanding, today was a day filled with general anarchy in the routine. It’s almost like a day where you want to do something, but the little devil voice in your  head nags and prods you to look somewhere else. So while the little Tom and Jerry war was happening, yours truly decided to take advantage of the blink and miss spring and summer weather and  honed in on a recipe from a really fun food group .. Thanks AJ and SR from Epicurean Delights . This recipe was adapted and modified from there. Here’s to happy indulging …

Quick recipe Rundown:

  1. In a large sauce pan empty the 2 containers of evaporated milk and add in the 2 tsp of thandai mix well.
  2. Stir well on low – medium heat so the flavors of the thandai mix are steeped in well. You do not have to bring it rolling boil, but definitely allow the flavors to steep in.
  3. Keep it aside for say about 20 min or so to let the concoction to cool down.
  4. Filter the cooled down milk into a large mixing bowl. The idea is to remove the large granular thandai mix masala from the milk mixture.
  5. To this add in the can of condensed milk and two tubs of cool whip or any whipped cream of your choice.
  6. Whip it up very well on medium highhand held machine.
  7. Fold in the crushed saffron stands and crushed cardamom pods and pour into popsicle moulds or any freezer safe moulds of your choice.
  8. Should freeze in under 4 hrs.
  9. Enjoy!


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