Thank you! Happy Mother’s Day ! Welcome Home :-)

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Thank You! Thank You! to all the comments , suggestions and the gentle prod to do ” something on your own”. I started this blog on a lark. Hmm.. Not quite so. I had this on my mind for  sometime and wanted to do this blog thing. Not just another blog on the block but something my kids and family and friends and the people  who read and subscribe to this ,would get to know the sluices of this flood water called life.While we all have this gathering place in our homes for the impromptu get to gather, the crisis resolution place, the place to share the news of the world, you get the picture.. In my home, it’s usually around the kitchen table. People gather here to share their test scores, the next big thing, the family resolution center, the “I am not sure what hit me so can you rescue me place?” and more.

With three kids and “hoping for a dog”  in the picture, I am often amazed at the myriad of emotions and I am privileged to be a part of this amazing journey that motherhood entails. I watch the older ones nourish and  influence the younger ones in so many ways. I watch as they hold their hands and heart strings literally and invisibly when faltering and doubts shake their foundations. I watch as they laugh, cry and bond together as one would siblings do. I am much moved by the emotions within me today as much as in any other day. I watch as my kids huddle together to create the a secret project, a poem, a card , gift. I watch as my oldest a teenager pats the youngest on the back and encourages him to go for it. I watch as my middle one, the butterfly rescues her older brother from the challenge of literary skills. I want to gather and cherish this moment. I want to capture it . I want to picture it again and again.

It is such a lovely day today and I take this opportunity to thank my supporters and friends and my readers. Please support me as I take the next step in the journey to start my own website.

Please find me here, subscribe to me here and I sure hope  you will like this new home for my thoughts, recipes and more !

As always I welcome your feedback, suggestions and more.


Jay @ VeggieRumblings

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