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This particular blog is a culmination of  every day culinary experiments, adventures, successes, failures, life, food.. all the components of warm memories. I am a firm believer about the kitchen being the heart and soul of a home.  Laughter, tears, confidences, fears, first crush, tough tests and everything under the sun can be discussed around the dinner table. We break bread and forge familial bonds.

While reams can be written , no seriously it truly can be written ( for isn’t life an adventure?) , all I can say is I am one who loves to innovate and simply thrive on “On the spot” cooking. It confounds me that this particular quirk of mine actually contradicts the very nature of organized soul I would like to believe I am. I am the kind who love labeling things, loves shiny new containers, organized pantry and refrigerator and can easily get carried away. Someday,I shall write about the little labeling misadventure of mine.The joy of an organized closet or pantry is only  nearly rivaled with the after effects of an hour of zumba or a good glass of Martini. Reorganizing stuff and de cluttering closets  somehow brings in me a clearer objective and better frame of mind. I still have no clue how that works, and perhaps it is a discussion best had over a glass of red , but nonetheless it works and how!

This is a but a sluice of life and passionate hope for many more threads to be woven in the carpet of life !



8 thoughts on “Meet Jay…

  1. Eye catching pictures and lucid recipes! Maybe I do not share your love of cooking but definitely share the joys of simple pleasures in life – Red wine, martinis and Zumba! We should catch up some time..Here’s to old times sake and to you churning out more recipes!

  2. It is a tough choice between admiring your writing skills and drooling over your culinary skills! I am so proud of your creative spirit and experimenting. And yes, btw you can always send me some to test it out 🙂 Good Luck, my dear!!

  3. Website looks very clean, organized just like your pantry ;D
    Keep it going & you know, you have a great fan in me 🙂

  4. Great idea and well organised. I find the way you present the recipes most interesting. Usually into it while reading. Would love to make up some time and try your recipes. Best wishes!

  5. Always a pleasure to navigate through Veggierumblings! Clean, crisp and helpful!
    Equally enjoy reading how life experiences flow into your recipes and make it all a very interesting read!
    Thank you and best wishes!

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