Guava Ice Cream – Eggless, Quick and Creamy

Guavas – these gorgeous tropical fruits ! I can never resist them and if I do see them in the grocery aisle , a a pound or two is bound to sneak home. Eat them raw with salt and chili powder . Eat them ripe just like that. Red or white , it does not matter , but if I see them they come home :-)..

Guava Ice Cream - Eggless, Quick and Creamy

While this season though the hunt for it is yet to begin ( I hunt in the grocery aisles .. Please !) and I don’t’ seem to have ventured out on the weekends to the  farmer markets, a trip to the regular grocery store got me this – frozen guava pulp. Simple pleasure of life. Plus it was unsweetened. Gorgeous and begging to be made into something exotic or rather something that reminds  me of my mom’s creations..


 Delicious Guava Ice cream with just three ingredients that makes it super creamy without eggs and  can be made in a jiffy. And also no ice cream maker. I have not been impressed enough to justify plonking 50 bucks for the occasional treat ..



  • Frozen guava pulp ( goya) : 16oz ( thawed for use)
  • Heavy whipping cream : 1 pint / 16 oz
  • Sweetened Non fat Condensed milk : 14 oz can

Before whipping the cream ensure the contents as well as the mixing bowl is well chilled . This will get you to whipped creamy stage faster and also hold it firmer.

If using the KA stand mixer, ensure the wire whisk and the bowl is chilled well for a couple of hours.

 Procedure :

  • In the bowl of your stand mixer if using ( or a regular hand mixer can be used ) attach the wire whisk and proceed to whip the heavy cream to nearly stiff creamy peaks. Start on slow speed and bring it to higher speed for about 4-7 minutes. By now you should have very creamy and stiff peaks formed. Take care not to harden it and create the sweet cream whipped butter from it . You do not want it.
  • Add in the condensed milk and thawed guava pulp.
  • Change to flat beater and mix it again for about 3 minutes until they are mixed well. You will see a thick creamy mass. It is fine.
  • Scrape the sides of the bowls and pour into a freezer safe bowl. Close tightly  to prevent any crystallization.
  • Should set in about 4-6 hrs.

Thick, luscious creamy guava ice cream is ready to be indulged in !

Guava Ice Cream - Eggless, Quick and Creamy

Notes :

  • You can use whipped cream in place of the heavy whipping cream if you are pressed for time.
  • Guava combines with some great flavors as well. Try it as a combination of mango – guava ice cream too.
  • Want a dash of chocolate? Just add your favorite flavoring on the top.

But as for me – and A1.2.3.. This is just perfect it is !